At only $10 general admission (kids U13 free), Sat Oct 28th and Sun Oct 29th will see Albert Hall come alive with an event the likes of which has never been seen before in Australia, let alone Tasmania.

Including a live industrial hemp crop, the inaugural Earth Expo will be packed with things for EVERYONE to see, enjoy and learn. Showcasing sustainability through local produce and products, solar and renewable energy solutions for home and business and everything industrial hemp and medicinal cannabis related, Earth Expo will also bring to Launceston the world’s leading experts, neuroscientists, doctors, academics and entrepreneurs as well as celebrities, activists, patients and politicians for presentations, conversations and Q&A sessions. Keep an eye on the ever-expanding speaker list here.

EARTH Expo is about a shared sustainable future for Tasmania.

Why Earth Expo?
New research has confirmed the effects of a second rooftop solar boom taking place around Australia – driven by falling technology costs and increasingly volatile electricity prices – with nearly one quarter of all Australian households found to have invested in solar panels.

At the same time, international and domestic international legislation around medicinal cannabis and industrial hemp is developing daily. In Australia, the last 12 months alone has seen federal laws come into effect that have approved the sale of hemp foods nationwide and allow Australian patients and doctors to legally access cannabis for medicinal use.

DR Teresa Towpik

Medical Practitioner & Medicinal Cannabis Supporter

Born in Poland Teresa worked as a junior doctor in a hospital in Glogow, a small town not too far from the German border. Arriving in Australia in 1987, she worked in Fairfield and Liverpool hospital then General Practice from 1993. She worked as a solo GP for a few years, then in a small family practice and later in large medical centres, currently based in Katoomba

Over the years Teresa embraced different aspects of healing, not only as a doctor but as a patient as well. When going through breast cancer 16 years ago, she learnt about different patient’s attitudes and expectations realising that modern medicine is very much based on evidence. “The absence of evidence is no evidence of absence. We need balance and we need to listen to patients as well”

Healing occurs on many levels, physical, emotional and spiritual and Teresa sees great potential in cannabis which is an ancient, sophisticated and diverse medicine, is very interested in further learning, research and the application of cannabis in general practice

“I am hoping that it will be legalised and regulated soon, so doctors and patients can take advantage of its great healing potential”.

Carol Ireland

CEO and Managing Director of Epilepsy Action Australia

Carol has an extensive background spanning 35 years in the not-for-profit human services sector and holding a variety of executive positions in operations, service delivery, marketing and fundraising. Carol currently serves on the Australian Advisory Council for the Use of Medicinal Cannabis, the Advisory Board of the Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapeutics at the University of Sydney and Steering Committee for the NSW government’s Paediatric Epilepsy Trials (Medicinal Cannabis Research), and is a founding Director of the newly constituted Medicinal Cannabis Council. In her role at Epilepsy Action she has had significant contact with many individuals and families who are faced with managing very challenging forms of medication resistant epilepsy, with few or no options left in the conventional treatment bucket. Carol has heard and seen the changes in people’s lives, including reduction in the severity and frequency of seizures, resulting from use of medicinal cannabis. She is a strong and active advocate for people living with epilepsy.

Ben & Michael Oakley

Roll On Ben Oakley

It’s not everyone who can say that they know the exact time that there life changed forever. A few people in the world know. An Accident or an Injury yes. But a Disease? Very few people in the world can say that they know the exact time it happened. My Son, Ben Oakley is one of those people. At 17 years and 40 days he was one of the youngest in the world to have been struck down with a very Rare Disease. If that was not bad enough the condition is generally a slow degeneration, Ben’s life changed in an instant! Prior to becoming systematic Ben was the single most active person I have ever known …. A 1 in a Million disease, only 20 people in Australia – Stiff Person Syndrome …. Ben has the most intense pain any human should ever have to endure when it all goes wrong! Ben is forced to be in a wheelchair for anything more than a short distance. Modern medicine does not understand Ben’s condition, the treatments that his specialist have given him are powerful, addictive and just as debilitating as the disease! That was until we were contacted by an Angel offering hope, hope in the form of Medicinal Cannabis. Ben has gone from at the worst 61 Full body muscle spasm in a day to since commencing on Cannabis oil 16 months ago 3 spasms only lasting a few minutes each! More of Ben’s story at the Expo. A must to view …Ben’s Facebook Video

Andrew Kavasilas

Hemp Farmer, President of the Northern River Hemp Association

Andrew Kavasilas is a contemporary pioneer of emerging Australian cannabis industries, a noted cannabis researcher, he has worked, coordinated and funded many projects under various government permits since 1999, including the growing high THC cannabis

Currently, Andrew is Secretary of the Australian HEMP Party, a NSW licensed hemp grower and continues with ongoing broad acre trials. For the past 6 years Andrew has undertaken breeding programs to refine low THC cannabis varieties for seed and fibre production, and other scientific exploration

Andrew sees great opportunities in future Australian hemp industries, especially around hemp seed foods as legislation moves to formally allow its consumption in Australia which would allow Australian farmers and processors access to expanding international markets.

Jenny Hallam

Medicinal Cannabis Activist

For 20yrs Jenny suffered the horrible effects of Fibromyalgia, bodywide chronic pain and nerve damage until she discovered Cannabis oil.  After going off all pharmaceutical pain medication her health just kept improving and soon she was helping many others too.

On 4th January 2014 SA police raided her home which resulted in subsequent charges of Manufacture, Possession and Supply of Cannabis oil.  This carries a sentence of 9yrs jail. She was helping approximately 120 free of charge at the time of her arrest, including many children.

Now Jenny works as an activist, trying to change the laws in this country.  She is trying to make sure a safe, affordable product is available for all that need it.  She also teaches people how easy it is for people to make their own Cannabis oil at home and take their health back into their own hands.

Alex Impey

Entrepreneur, activist and environmentalist (Director of Hemp Store)

Alex Impey is an entrepreneur, activist and environmentalist. Alex has been involved in the international hemp & cannabis Industry for the past 8 years where he has established himself as a market leader. Alex previously has worked with Europe’s largest grower and producer of hemp seed food products which gave him valuable knowledge of the importance of hemp seed in the human diet. With a bank of knowledge, and passion to make a positive change in Australia, Alex headed back home to the Central Coast of NSW where he now owns & runs Australia’s largest online hemp outlet, the Hemp Store, which offers a diverse range of clothing, body and food products all made from hemp. A retail showroom situated in Woy Woy further compliment’s Alex’s achievement’s and goals to educate and offer sustainable and healthy products made from hemp.

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